1. 1Suspense - Impact!
    Ambient build to gunshot
  2. 2The Auditions
    Funky underscore with guitar and electronics
  3. 3Bar Scene 1 - Amblin' Slide
    Source music featuring slide guitar
  4. 4Struggle in the Bedroom
    Ambient underscore with menacing drum hits
  5. 5Bar Scene 2 - Tub Thumper Blues
    Source music featuring slow bluesy guitar riffs and upright bass
  6. 6The Hanging
    Haunting 12-string guitar with ambient pads
  7. 7End Titles
    Shocking beginning with long ambient fade

Created for this full-length feature film, the music presented here contains selections from the dark, ambient underscore and a variety of source music.

“Trust yourself…” so the saying goes.   But when the voice within begins to lead you into darkness, there’s reason to be afraid.   A psychologically challenging film starring Steve Bacic, Colin Lawrence and Laura Bertram, all of Andromeda fame.

  • Client
    Brenton Spencer & Steve Bacic – Directors
  • Producer
    Jason Blattler
  • DP
    Kevin Hall
  • Company
    Stemma Productions
  • Catalog