1. 1George • Main Title
    Playful little toe-tapper to start things off…
  2. 2George • Ben's Wife
    Sweet, delicate montage music
  3. 3George • Conversations
    Ben finally gathers the courage to speak with Grace
  4. 4George • Truth
    The secret is revealed…
  5. 5George • End Titles
    Lovely tune begins as we fade out and roll credits.

Featuring music composed for small ensemble, this surprising and delightful film features a score that deftly walks the delicate line between sweetly amusing and beautifully sublime.

Light, earnest and heartfelt, the music captures the spirit of the characters in this film that follows a precocious 10-year old girl named George.

Starring Scott Antonucci, Juliana Dever and Fiona Perry.

  • Client
    Mike Corey – Director
  • Producer
    Patrick Dean Bostrom
  • Writer
    Scott Antonucci
  • Client
    Film Leader Productions
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