1. 1The Brain in Motion
  2. 2Right & Left
  3. 3The Lobes
  4. 4Insomnia Nocturne
  5. 5Holding On To Memories
  6. 6Healing Rhythms
  7. 7Equilibrium • The Story of Sarah Abrusley
  8. 8Plasticity
  9. 9Firing Neurons

The challenge of expressing activity within the brain through music and dance results in an eclectic mix of sound. The album combines live orchestral music with electronics, avant-garde pieces featuring solo piano, another composed for a lone cello, and one for percussion ensemble.

It is truly delightful and at times haunting examination of what is happening inside the brain as experienced through the prism of music and dance.

  • Client
    Hilary Thomas – Choreographer
  • Company
    Lineage Dance Company
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