1. 1Living With Moffett • Main Title
    Familiarly funky bassline under quirky percussion
  2. 2Living With Moffett • Incidental Cue 1
    Americana guitar riff
  3. 3Living With Moffett • Incidental Cue 2
    Funky guitar riff over syncopated percussion

Ridiculously fun, infectious, toe-tappin’ tunes in a range of styles, all written to underscore the hijinks that occur in this amusingly off-beat comedy.

What to do when confronted with friends who are convinced of their own illusions, but can’t seem to get their act together?   Just ask Rick Moffett.   Then again… don’t.

This well-paced television pilot keeps the dialogue flowing while the situation keeps running ever-so-slightly off the rails.    Inevitably, laughter ensues.

  • Client
    Eric Somers – Director
  • Producer
    Lenny Shelton
  • DP
    Matthew Skala
  • Editor
    Dave Swan
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