1. 1Prelude • The Path of Loss
  2. 2Relationships
  3. 3Friends
  4. 4Anger
  5. 5Loss
  6. 6Children
  7. 7Family
  8. 8Love (Longing)
  9. 9Technology
  10. 10Within These Walls
  11. 11Relationships (Reprise)

Touching on topics from birth to family, relationships, love and loss, this is an eclectic album of music composed for choreographer Hilary Thomas of the Lineage Dance Company.  

This album features a variety of styles, from tango to techno. The heart of the arrangements are for a small string ensemble and piano, with vocals and electronics throughout.

  • Client
    Hilary Thomas – Choreographer
  • Company
    Lineage Dance Company
  • Catalog

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